About me

"Whatever you are, be a good one." -Abraham Lincoln 

From the days of old sitting on the couch watching cartoon favorites such as Scooby-Doo, Arthur, and Dragon Tales, story has always largely impacted my life. Little me was enraptured by the fantastical fairy tale elements of Disney, and the same magic still captures me now for different reasons. As I've matured I've begun to see and understand the true messages, beyond knights in shining armor, that is being conveyed through the stunning visuals of my childhood films. 

There is much inspiration, encouragement, and rawness that can be found in story. Through the sharing of experiences doors are opened for us to empathize, learn, and build up community. Coming from a family who travels a lot, I always have an eye out for adventure and different things to expand my own perspectives. This, coupled along with my passion for different cultures, leads to much of my work focusing on communicating narrative visually. I enjoy the challenge of capturing an emotion, moment, or message successfully and putting a creative twist on it. As an Asian American who strongly identifies with her Asian roots, I'm interested in discovering how this affects my work and in what ways I can expand from it. 

Born and raised in Cupertino, CA I'm currently finishing up my Senior year in Los Angeles at the University of Southern California with a BA in Fine Arts and a minor in Animation. Though I didn't enjoy the fast-paced life and traffic of SoCal at first, I've come to really appreciate and love the diversity that defines it. As a student I enjoy exploring new parts of LA, cheering on the USC football team, and being a part of the InterVarsity Trojan Christian Fellowship's Leaders Team. In my spare time you can find me reading, sleeping, laughing with friends, eating, drawing, and running around Disneyland as an Annual Passholder. 

(408) 858-0709